• Equinox Advisory,Taxation Consultancy Services in Malta, tax, consultancy, vat, law, lawyer, audit
  • Equinox Advisory,Taxation Consultancy Services in Malta, tax, consultancy, vat, law, lawyer, audit
  • Equinox Advisory,Taxation Consultancy Services in Malta, tax, consultancy, vat, law, lawyer, audit

Equinox Advisory

Equinox Advisory Ltd. is a consultancy firm established in 2008 and offering specialised services in the legal, economics, corporate, and technology fields. Since its inception, it hasbeen engaged in various business-to- client projects, as well as business-to- business serviceswhere it has acted as a white-label services provider.
Headquartered in Malta, a strategic location for doing business, Equinox Advisory offers access to a good jurisdiction that can be used as a stepping-stone to either North Africa or the EU.Over the past eight years, Equinox Advisory associates have established a sound reputation for the professional delivery of competitively priced services that do not compromise on the quality of the deliverables.
Equinox Advisory has conducted assignments for a wide portfolio of government, NGO, parastatal, and private sector clients in the European Union, Africa and Asia, and today enjoys the complete trust of the client base that it has managed to build, as evidenced by its continued involvement in numerous projects in its core competence areas.
Equinox Advisory has provided services to Governments in the EMEA region and to private-sector clients worldwide, especially those wanting to partake in Malta’s advantageous tax system as approved by the European Union, which makes for an effective corporate tax rate of between 0% and 6.5% of profits.
Our core business concept in providing services to the private sector is that of providing all the services that a company may require. Among other things, Equinox provides the following services: business advisory & consultancy, accountancy & auditing, market research, corporate analytics, marketing, EU funding, training, complete HR outsourcing solutions, economic analyses, appraisals & impact assessments, quantitative economics, regulatory & law economics, various areas of law such as tax law, IT law, banking & finance law, entertainment law, corporate law and agreements. Lastly, our technology area is focused on engineering appraisals, design and research.
The sectors we cover include Electronic Communications, Environment and Climate Change, Remote & Digital Gaming and Online Casinos, Oil & Gas, Aquaculture, Aviation and Aerospace, Tourist Product Development, Energy, Resource-efficient buildings, Maritime Services, Health with a focus on healthy living and active ageing, and e-health, High value-added manufacturing with a focus on processes and design, Financial Services, Water Decontamination and Education & Training.
Equinox Advisory's solutions are mostly bespoke and encompass the identification of client requirements, the skills necessary to meet those requirements and the assembly of teams that address those requirements for the excellent delivery of those services. We abide by strict quality control and ethical behaviour criteria, and believe that our clients should only be entitled to expect a high level of service. If you need a business partner who cares about you, your business and your objectives, and who is perfectly aligned with your needs, Equinox Advisory is the right partner for you. 
For further information about how we can be of assistance, please visit our website.

Contact Details

Contact Person: Bernard Mallia

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Address: 36, Triq L-Arcisqof, Il-Belt Valletta VLT1147, Malta
Telephone: +356 2137 6242   Mobile: +356 9980 0001  

Email: Bernard.Mallia@equinoxadvisory.com

Areas of Business: Taxation Consultancy Services , Maltese Flag Ship Registration , Aircraft Registration , Fiduciary Services , Residence Consultants , Legal Services , Intellectual Property Services , Compliance & Risk Management , IT and Remote Gaming Law