• Medina Asset Management,Tax-efficient Investments in Malta,
  • Medina Asset Management,Tax-efficient Investments in Malta,
  • Medina Asset Management,Tax-efficient Investments in Malta,
  • Medina Asset Management,Tax-efficient Investments in Malta,
  • Medina Asset Management,Tax-efficient Investments in Malta,

Medina Asset Management

Medina Asset Management is an innovative investment company, fully commmited in giving professional financial advice and in managing clients’ money. Medina also believes in the ongoing financial education and the support of its clients.
Medina Asset Management is dedicated in providing its clients with tailored made solutions by selecting sound financial assets and by managing balanced portfolios.
Medina's logo is composed of eight oval petals in dark blue, with another eight small petals on the outside in light blue. The first four oval petals represent the main objectives for the investors: protection of capital, adequate good returns, controlling of risk and minimizing fees and taxes.
The centre circle represents the complete service and loyalty for the clients, while the other four oval petals represent the other four core values: high ethical standards and integrity, strong academic research, empowering of all employees, and contribution to charity. The eight outer small petals represent the different investment strategies that Medina Asset Management will offer.
The colour blue was chosen for its intrinsic meaning:  one of trust, honesty and loyalty. It is often associated with depth and stability and also symbolizes wisdom, trust, confidence, loyalty, intelligence, and truth. Blue is also the colour of the sunny skies and clean clear seas surrounding the island of Malta. 
                                                                              Our Mission Statement:
                                                                     “Protecting and Growing Wealth”
                                                                                       achieved by
                                               “Helping families and businesses to save and invest wisely”
                                                                                     and by putting
                                                                          “Clients and Ethics First”.
All services are of great benefit to internationals, due to the high tax efficiency and significant tax attractiveness of the income and capital growth generated, through investments managed by Medina Asset Management. 
Services are as follows, but not limited to: 
Financial Advice:
  • Offering independent professional financial advice, not tied to any financial institution. 
  • Enhancing the financial education of clients.
  • Giving full attention to each individual client, endeavouring to fully understand the needs and aspirations of each client.
Portfolio Management :
  • Managing client's money.
  •  Building diversified and balanced international portfolios to fit the profile and objectives of each individual  client. 
  •  Diversifying away from the high concentration risk that European/International investors typically have in  domestic income, assets, property, and in their local economy.
  •  Medina will always put the interests of its clients first by selecting the best products that are most suitable for its clients.
Wealth Management :
  •  Providing tailor-made solutions for clients and their families.
  • Offering Retirement Planning, Wealth Management and Trust Services.
  • Constructing internationally diversified portfolios to help investors to participate in the prosperity and growth of the best performing companies and economies in the world.
  • Offering highly tax efficient and tax attractive portfolios.

Message from the CEO

The name Medina was chosen in honour of the old capital city of Malta, with the aspiration that the selected portfolios built for our clients will, like the old capital Medina, stand the test of time and offer permanent financial protection.

Medina is built on solid foundations, surrounded by wide massive bastions, and has lasted for centuries. We believe that our portfolios will be similar to Medina, build on solid theoretical foundations, protected by strong research and historical experience, and will last for many years to come.
Medina Asset Management was created to help investors protect their hard earned savings, while seeking good returns with appropriate minimisation of risks, and offering tax efficient portfolios with competitive fees. 
Medina is always ready to be fully flexible in order to accommodate the holistic investment needs and objectives of its clients. The first priority will always be to understand correctly the financial situation of the client and then to build the appropriate, balanced and tax-efficient portfolios, which will help to achieve the individual investment goals and objective of each client.

Contact Details

Contact Person: Ann Marie Mangion

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Address: Medina Asset Management , 55 , Level 2, Dawret Ix-Xatt, Ix-Xghajra, Ix-Xghajra XJR 1201, Malta
Telephone: 2703 3650   Mobile: 7733 3660  

Email: info@medinam.com

Areas of Business: Tax-efficient Investments , Financial Markets Research , Investment Services , Investment And Tax Advice , Asset Management Services , Retirement And Pension Planning , Wealth Management Services , Portfolio Management Services , Inheritance And Estate Planning , Fiduciary Services

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